Together, we… Create change

To CREATE CHANGE in our community, business or membership groups… We first need to CREATE CHANGE within ourselves!

Often a member of an organisation will say “We need to make changes” – Instead of saying “I need to make changes”. Culture is the sum of what your members think, say and do… so it starts from within.

If you want your organisation to become more progressive.. more inclusive.. more equal for all… You need to look at your own personal behaviour, habits and choice of language to see how you can begin to lead that change. Diversity, inclusiveness and progressiveness don’t just happen – they take deliberate action.

Often when it comes to creating culture change we have the right intentions, but we’re viewing everything through our own lens of unconscious bias. It takes a lot of self reflection and courageous conversation to break free of these biases.

The best way to create the change you want to see in your community is to surround yourself with people who are equally dedicated to change, and willing to challenge their own ideals.

“Courageous Conversations” is one of the pillars we’ve built our club upon, and we’re always looking for opportunities to have more courageous conversations. If you’d be keen to participate or even just listen to some of these conversations, visit our club sometime.