Member Spotlight: Nicki

Name – Nicki Longmire

Profession – Occupational Therapist (recently retired)

Suburb you live in – Maylands

Role in the club – Membership committee

How you came to be a part of the club – Invited by my daughter’s friend Madi.

What do you personally get from being in BRC? I enjoy the fellowship and mixing with people from diverse backgrounds at both our regular meetings and other events.

What have you learned, or what perceptions have changed since being in the club? I appreciate having young tech savvy club members who successfully use social media as a platform to share the club and wider Rotary message.

What would you tell someone about our club? We are a new welcoming, progressive and inclusive club where we learn from each other and some amazing guest speakers as well as getting involved in community projects we are passionate about.

What impact do you think BRC has / could have? I think by doing things a little differently, BRC is leading the way in demonstrating the relevance and benefits of Rotary today, to both individuals and the wider community.