Member spotlight – Michelle

Name: Michelle Murphy


Profession: Physiotherapist/Practice Manager for Enhance Physiotherapy


Suburb you live in: Maylands


Role in the Club: Champion of Courageous Conversations, Greenbatch Champion, enthusiast 😊


What is your “why” for being a member of BRC?  In the years prior to joining I had slowly come to the uncomfortable realisation that although I was a ‘decent’ human being, I was living a life that was largely self-serving. I had investigated several options for volunteering but had hit a dead end as most required time during the week which with a young son I was not able to commit to. I attended one meeting of BRC after visiting their stall at the Maylands Street Festival and had a light bulb moment of ‘this is it!’ I knew absolutely nothing about Rotary Club! But the welcoming people, the inspiring guest speakers, the opportunity to work on meaningful projects as well as the flexibility to do this in your own time made BRC the perfect fit for me. I still feel like Im getting more than Im giving at the moment, but I hope that as time goes on this will balance out more.