Member Spotlight – Linda

Name: Linda McCormack

Profession: Accountant – Director at Letizia Palmer Chartered Accountants

Suburb you live in: Maylands

Role in the Club: Beancounter (because no one else likes that job and it is totally my thing)

What is your “why” for being a member of BRC?

I never thought I would join a Rotary club.  My mental image of Rotary was of a middle aged men’s business club and that is pretty much what the accounting profession is a lot of the time!  I was invited by Alison (who I was fortunate enough to meet through our mutual involvement with another group) who strongly encouraged me to come along to an early meeting about this exciting new Rotary club she was getting involved with.  In my mind I was definitely not taking on another project, being already involved with other NFP groups and having a very busy accounting firm already occupying the majority of my time. However, anyone who knows Alison knows her enthusiasm is infectious and that she can be very persuasive so here I am.

I already feel like I gain much more than I give with this group.  As I get older I realise how important a sense of community, and connection to that community is. I straight away felt like part of this tribe of interesting and engaging people that I may not have had the opportunity to meet otherwise.  I would like to play a role in changing a little bit of the world for the better one day and I feel like I have met the people I am going to do it with.