Beaufort Rotary Club turns 1!

On July 11, our members gathered to celebrate our very first birthday. (Our official charter date was July 17, 2018).

The two non-negotiables were handed down by the President (tinsel curtain) and the Treasurer (big bowl of Cheezels) and the party planning committee got to work.

Nelsons Pop-Up bar was decked out with fairy lights, party hats and poppers and the works. We had about 40-5o members, friends, family and members from other clubs come to celebrate with us. Our buddy Josh Wells Photography came along to take some party pics for us.

We kicked off proceedings in the best way possible… Inducting two new members to the club! Welcome Candice and Eshna!

After a bit of a recap of the year that was, we gave out some club awards..

  • Fluffy Dice Award – Mark
  • Make It Rain Award – Linda
  • Elton John Award – Madi
  • Poindexter Award – Dave
  • Bounty Hunter Award – Kelly
  • Michelle Obama Award – Eddie
  • Fortune Teller Award – Russell

Level Up! Awards were given to a few members who have really stepped up their Club involvement to take on new challenges this year. Big congrats to Michelle, Kelly, Tara and Hayley!

The much-coveted inaugural MVP award was given to Alison Dalziel for her invaluable contribution to the club in our development stage and our first year. Alison led the development of our Club Strategic Plan.

All in all it was a fun night with a lot of laughs, a fair bit of dancing to daggy disco tunes and of course.. a big bowl of Cheezels!

You can check out all the photos right here on our Facebook page.



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