Member Spotlight – Mark

Name: Mark Dacombe

Profession: Company Co-owner and Director; Local Government Professional

Suburb you live in: Maylands

Role in the Club: Strategic Partnerships Director

What is your “why” for being a member of BRC?: I used to be a member of Rotary but had drifted away. This Club offered a fresh approach which resonated with my core values and priorities. It completely revitalised my interest in Rotary. My partner is also a member and we love working together in our community life.

The Club puts my skills and experience to good use. I have worked for many years in local government and have seen the difference that community-led action can make. I want to be part of that in my own community. My passions are social inclusion and environmental sustainability.

I have learnt a lot from the inspirational speakers we have hosted. I am also constantly learning from other Club members who come from a wide range of backgrounds, experience and perspectives.

The Club has been created from scratch to be more representative of the wider community. This is a key strength. I am proud to be in a Club where as an older white man I am in the minority. We are the changing face of Rotary in WA.

We have identified our strategic direction, guiding values, and the things we are passionate about. We are working out what we will do to make a difference and finding the partners we will do it with. This is all member-driven and any member is able to step up into a leadership role.

Last but not least, we have nice food and wine and plenty of fun at our meetings. What more could anyone ask for!

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