Becoming a BRC member – What’s in it for me?

We’re aware that in 2019’s “gig economy”, asking people to join a club and pay membership fees seems counter-intuitive. But as we’ve covered, being a member of BRC offers a lot more than rocking up at the odd sausage sizzle! Here are some of the key benefits of becoming the next member of Beaufort Rotary Club…


Meet new people

It can be hard to find ways to meet people you connect with outside of the workplace and your current social circle. Our club members are a really diverse range of people from the local community, aging anywhere between 20-something to 70-something, and from all sorts of backgrounds and lived experiences. Students, librarians, small business owners, retirees and everything in between. What we have in common is our values and the kind of world we want to live in, and we all get along like a house on fire! So many of our members will tell you that one of the most enriching parts of their membership is the connections they have made with other members.

As well as club meetings, hands-on volunteering and project work, there’s a healthy dose of socializing available for members who are interested.

Being surrounded by amazing, diverse people who are driven to help others and work towards a sense of equity is so great to be a part of.” – Russell

“As I get older I realise how important a sense of community, and connection to that community is. I straight away felt like part of this tribe of interesting and engaging people that I may not have had the opportunity to meet otherwise. I would like to play a role in changing a little bit of the world for the better one day and I feel like I have met the people I am going to do it with.” – Linda

“I love being part of a Club with such a great mix of personalities and backgrounds. No one seems to think I’m weird! Everyone is there to serve the community in some way or another, so we are united by that.” – Alison


Personal development

When a new member comes into our club, we ask them to fill in a sheet called “Wanna Learn, Wanna Use, Wanna Teach”. It lists a whole bunch of different personal and professional skills, like project management, event organization, logistics and social media.

We use this to find out what skills you’re keen to learn, what you already know how to do, and what skills you’d be happy to share with others.  When a task comes up, it’s not always about finding a member that already knows how to do it – if you’re an accountant by trade but want to have a crack at designing an event flyer, that’s awesome! We’ll try and match you with someone in the club who can give you some pointers.

If we notice that lots of members are interested in learning public speaking skills but we don’t have someone in the club to share their skills, we’ll work to source someone from outside the club to run a training session.

Having the support to explore new skills in a supportive environment is really important and we make every effort to provide hands-on learning opportunities for our members wherever possible.

Seeing club members try out a new role and grow in confidence is an amazing reward, and the rest of the club is cheering them on at every point 😊

Since becoming a member of BRC I have been able to contribute in a meaningful way to projects, learned new skills, grown in confidence, attended great events and made a bunch of new friends. I am always looking forward to seeing what comes next for the club!” – Hayley

“What I gain from Rotary is a lot of self – improvement. I took on the role of secretary because I know I want to improve my own organisational skills and the BRC provides a way for me to do that as part of a group of people who are really positive and supportive toward each other.” – Dave


Have your say

Beaufort Rotary Club is and will always be a member-driven club. We’ve worked together to build the current incarnation of our Strategic Plan – we wrote it together.

Through group sessions at meetings and annual strategic workshops, we’ve identified our key areas we’re passionate about. This will be reviewed and updated every year to reflect the opinions of new members.

Everyone, from the newest member to the club president, is invited to share an idea at anytime and all ideas are considered equally.

Club meetings are always a chance to vote on a new project, join in a group conversation or have your say – You’ll never leave a club meeting thinking “I could have skipped that meeting and nobody would have noticed.” No way!

We have identified our strategic direction, guiding values, and the things we are passionate about. We are working out what we will do to make a difference and finding the partners we will do it with. This is all member-driven and any member is able to step up into a leadership role.” – Mark

I value inclusion and equity for ALL people, which made BRC a natural fit for me. I love the diversity and openness of our club. The leadership is based on merit, not hierarchy and it makes me proud to know every member’s voice is heard.” – Jess


More to come!

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