Why does it cost money to be part of a volunteering club?

Everyone’s time is precious, so when you’re offering some of your time to a non-profit organization, it might seem strange that you’re also paying an annual membership fee for the honour!

Put quite simply, Rotary International is much more than a volunteering opportunity. It’s a global community service organization backed by The Rotary Foundation – consistently one of the best performing charities on Charity Navigator, scoring 100% for financial performance as well as Accountability and Transparency.

The Rotary Foundation partners with organisations such as WHO, UNICEF and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation to make huge changes around the world. One of the best-known initiatives is the effort to eradicate polio. So far the Rotary Foundation has contributed more than $1 billion, reducing the incidence of polio by more than 99% and eradicating it completely from all but 3 countries.

The Foundation also awards matching grants to clubs who have big ideas and need some extra finance to make their projects a reality.

Some of your membership fees go to Rotary International to continue these amazing efforts.

Some more of your membership fees go to the Rotary District office, to help run Rotary operations in WA. The District also awards matching grants for projects – our club has recently been awarded a grant of $1000 to help us run some gender partnership workshops in 2020.

A little bit of your membership fees also go to helping us run the club.


So what are the membership fees? Well, as of October 2019, they are…

Members aged 35 and over – $350 / year

Members aged under 35 – $260 / year

Partners of full-paying members – $260 / year (fun fact, we currently have 4 couples in our club, which is awesome!)

Members get invoiced in 6 monthly installments, to help spread the cost out.


As well as being a part of an awesome global organization that has just about eradicated a global disease, the leadership team at Beaufort Rotary Club work really hard to deliver value to members in lots of different ways – You can read more about that here – Benefits of being a BRC member. 😊

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