About Us

We’re a diverse group of people from the Beaufort Street community and beyond, who want to create “Positive Change through Collective Action!"

Our club meetings are relaxed, informal and filled with laughs. We hear from inspiring speakers, exchange ideas and connect with like-minded people. We’ve already been hands-on, collecting and packing toiletries for Starting Over Support and crafting and filling Xmas stockings for refugee children at Carad

As well as one-off, hands-on volunteering opportunities, we develop sustainable long term projects, partnering with organisations to come up with projects that make the most of everyone’s skills and celebrate what we all have to offer.

Our goal is to get stuff done…. But also have fun!

Join us at a meeting – Check out our Events Calendar for upcoming dates.

We usually  meet on the 1st and 3rd Wednesday evenings of the month at the Claisebrook Design Community (25 Gladstone St, Perth) – Check out our Events Calendar for upcoming dates.

am i eligible / invited to join the club?

Some people think Rotary is only for professionals, or only for those of a more senior persuasion… Wrong!

We welcome anyone over the age of 18 who wants to contribute some of their time and energy to their community.

What you do for a crust is only part of what you have to offer. Our club is made up of a wide range of professions.. local government consultants, youth workers, librarians, marketing, vet nurses, some don’t work at all. We believe everyone has a unique lived experience that they bring to the club.

Our club is member-driven, which means that everyone has a say in what we do and bright ideas or suggestions are welcomed from any member at any time.

All are welcome at Beaufort Rotary Club. The only thing we don’t tolerate is intolerance. (You can read more about that in our Strategic Plan!)

Find out more about joining the club here.

Our vision

The meaning of our vision “Positive Change Through Collective Action" is two-fold. It refers to the amazing outcomes of our projects when we collaborate, share ideas and value each other’s input.

It also refers to the personal growth and inspiration that comes from being in a room with like-minded people, and taking that inspiration out into the world with you to spark positive change in others.

Find out more about us

If you want to get a good understanding of what we’re all about, our Strategic Plan is a great place to start! It spells out what our priorities are, what we stand for and how we intend to measure our success.

Some people dig strategic plans, others think they’re boring… We promise ours isn’t boring!

Some of What we’ve done so far..

  • Held a Bogan Bingo fundraiser and raised $6722
  • Raised $3430 for Greenbatch, WA’s first plastic reprocessing plant
  • Cooked breakfast at Ronald McDonald House
  • Collected soup & socks for people experiencing homelessness
  • Donated the cost of 200 vaccinations to End Polio Now (A long-running Rotary International initiative)
  • Sponsored a refugee student from Cyril Jackson College to attend a series of leadership development programs
  • Collaborated with Cahoots on a panel discussion around “Tackling Unconscious Bias" featuring Jane Caro as keynote speaker
  • Supplied CARAD with pantry essentials for refugee and asylum-seeker families living locally in Perth
  • Held a reconciliation workshop for the community around our journey towards reconciliation

… and lots, lots more!